I suppose I should introduce myself. Hi, I am Lyco.

I like The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes in any incarnation but Sherlock specifically is amazing, Doctor Who (4 and 11 are My Doctors)

Also am a long time fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings. And Stargate rocks, all of it. I love the Dexter books, the Dresden Files. Umm... a whole lot. Mostly Fantasy, Sci Fi. If I've read or watched enough, odds are good I enjoyed it.

I also like tea, coffee, different foods... and am known to ramble about the people in my head. Also known as the Falconry. Nope. Sorry, no actual birds. Just some poor sap named Peregrine who doesn't even go by that most of the time... not that he picked or sanctions any of his nicknames.

Oh and I draw. And write. Yup. That's all I've got.

2nd June 2013

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Paternoster Gang teaaaa! (and arts)

This puts me at 10 Doctor Who teas now!

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    When I drink tea I will be disappointed that it’s not one of these!
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